the Dancer-Choreographer

Although it’s his newest venture, Aramie has been dancing for 8 long years now…Initially studying the key components of dance – jazz, modern and some ballet – then moving forward to The Katherine Dunham Technique, Aramie has since then grown into a choreographer and versatile dancer (with a major hip-hop emphasis). It is easy for audiences to pinpoint Aramie’s choreography as he has found a way to mesh cool isolations, smooth footwork,  and exaggerated and awkward body movements into a clean-cut dance style.

He is a former member (& Captain) of Hip-Notic Dance Team based on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus as well as a charter member & featured choreographer on VSOP Dance Team (based in Chicago, IL)! His choreography has also been featured in many shows for artists such as Melanie Richelle (of G.E.T. PHRESH Ent.), Kenny T, Renelle Nicole and many others.

In summer 2011, Aramie joined renowned company, Full Effect Entertainment Theatrical Dance Company as a member of the main company. He quickly advanced to a Principal Company Officer and  award-nominated Main Company Dancer. At the close of 2012, Aramie and the company parted ways – even so, he has incorporated much of his knew knowledge to his live music shows.


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