the Businessman

As a businessman, Aramie is CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of G.E.T. Phresh Entertainment Enterprises ( He works alongside CEO, Naja Hawk, and a vast amount of individuals to bring a new level of entertainment to the masses. With a focus on management, but also a knack for event planning, the corporation is already off to a great start to have been nothing more than a small idea in the minds of a few college students.

Also, he is a founding member of the entertainment enitity known as TCE – a group of entertainers and artists based on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. What originally started as a clique of friends has grown into a movement amassing many fans and stepping even further with the release of the group’s first solo project from Onyema G: Repeat Vol. 1. After her successful debut via mixtape, the lyricist (whose name translates to “the one who knows”) is set to release her follow-up effort, Repeat Rated Ratchet Vol. 2 in Spring 2011.

He has been compared, professionally, to the likes of Berry Gordy and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Known to be hard-working, diligent and passionate about not only his own artistry but that of others, Aramie prides himself in presenting audiences with full, engaging and memorable performances.


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