Team Aramie

**ATTENTION** We are currently seeking Students to represent Team Aramie on your campus! Think you’ve got what it takes? Shoot us an email ASAP with “Campus Rep” in the subject line!! **ATTENTION**

Hey! What’s Up!

For those of you who are wondering what Team Aramie is, you came to right place! Team Aramie is a non-exclusive label for anyone who has supported, supports and/or will support Aramie in anyway.

Being apart of Team Aramie simply means you provide support for Aramie in whichever way you are willing. This can range from coming to shows, posting videos, posting pics, tweeting a “Good Luck”, sharing a flier with friends, purchasing/downloading music, etc.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this growing group….let us know! Leave a comment! Follow us on twitter @TeamAramie!

(T-shirts will be available for purchase soon. If interested, shoot me an email ).

Thanks. Much Love,







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