Latest Videos featuring Aramie!

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New Video: Rehearsal Footage

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Check it out!


New Video: Dancing and Whatnot

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I have on the yellow shirt…just showcasing me dancing a little….and the dope choreo was done by my long-time childhood friend, so that’s a cool random fact.



A Month Later….???

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It’s been a minute – I apologize for my neglect. Let me quickly update you guys on what’s been going on:

I had a show in Madison, WI  at the Frequency that turned out pretty dope. I did a showcase show the week after that…it has been good. I love performing. I also recently joined a performance group that I think will definitely take my skills to the next level (as far as a performer) …I am going to grow as a dancer which I am excited about (not that I’m weak, I’ve just got to be unstoppable.)

I’m currently working on writing for a new project that is set to begin recording next week.

I have plans to release a remix very very soon….won’t disclose to what song….but it features a female rapper from the Midwest. Track is ridiculous.

Umm….I just want to keep growing. And for those of you wondering — I’m being held up with the release of Fanatic – not my fault, it’s a bunch of political stuff….as soon as me and my team work this out, it will be available. Trust, it hurts me more than it hurts you, lol.


–stay tuned, A

Check out the latest video from my dear friend and colleague, Titi Lokei.

The song is catchy and the video is cool (not to mention it features some of my closest friends dancing back-up!).  It’s not often that you see a female MC singing and dancing (at least not well) – so this is definitely a breath of fresh air! Support Chicago artistry, and if you’re Nigerian you definitely have to support her and the Naija movement.

{For the record: no, I’m not Nigerian.}

I will post some of our collaborative work on here as well at some point. Stay tuned.



Me in the paper 8-17-11

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Good news.

People voted. I won. I was featured in Kyra Kyles’ (Tribune/Red Eye) Track-Off between myself and another artist from Chicago. I won, and was able to have a mini-spotlight moment in the newspaper. This is not my first time being featured in a newspaper, but it IS my first time being featured as an artist.

Although unfounded comparisons to Chris Brown and Jeremih were made in the article, it still gave a pretty nice summary of my song, Wherever U Go, and hopefully allows more people to see my talent and be exposed to it.

In the meantime, I have added music to my reverbnation page….a song called ‘Need My Love’….you guys have yet to hear me on a different type of song — this one is Pop. Hopefully you enjoy it. All feedback is welcome – as the song is unfinished. (post here or on


The site is at


Here are pics of me in the newspaper:

Much love to Team Aramie, Kyra Kyles and everyone who else who made this possible! Please continue to support and I will continue to provide good, quality music!!!


Pick Paths Precisely.

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Say that five times fast, lol.

I have been slowly but CERTAINLY progressing towards every goal I have set for myself. But, I have to point out that I didn’t and refuse to rush anything. A big trip-up for people can be their desire to rush things….especially in today’s society – we are so used to SPEED….like, in excess. It’s funny. But, the thing about life is that…when one is patient, one is fruitful. You have to plan, plan and PLAN.

That’s why I titled this “pick paths precisely” because when you rush a decision or a choice, then you typically will forget about certain aspects that may make or break your entire result. I learned that the hard way: I would say I hit rock bottom (and, no, I’m not afraid to acknowledge it) because I thought I was just supposed to blow up overnight hahaaahahhahah. That’s hilarious looking back on it. I am so proud of myself and all that I have accomplished over the past year, though.  I can say, I couldn’t keep moving forward if I didn’t sit down and take time to decide my next steps and then DO them. I don’t just GO, I sit, I think, I question, I wonder, I weigh, I decide, I wait, I act, I wait, I reflect, I shift, I act. Tedious, right? I know.

To sum it all up….don’t just allow life to happen to you. Make life happen. Take things into your hands, and because you will be in charge of your fate make sure you’re deciding wisely your next steps, because what happens….will be on YOU.

Pick paths precisely.



New Image: Studio Talk

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…something special in the works.