I watched the “Throne”………

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I shall do this breakdown track-by-track.

1. No Church in the Wild – Frank Ocean’s voice is an amazingly engaging open to the album – Jay comes in pretty hard as well. The beat is crazy! Song immediately has a classic feel. Ye’s verse: nuff said. “Thinking bout the girl in all-leopard, who was rubbing the wood like Kiki Shepard”. Preach! This song feels new, but ancient…has that ambient feel we get from Ye and Frank, and then Jay highlights that edge.

2. Lift Off – I don’t like it. The beat is real modern, but Beyonce’s hook sounds like maybe Fergie should have sung it or maybe even Rihanna…..I mean, I like it. But I don’t like it (her backing vocals are nice). And, I’m actually listening twice to make sure I’m not bs-ing….I like the concept though. Neither Jay or Ye’s verses were impressive. I can listen w/o changing the songs, though. (I also expected this to be an only Ye song, Jay verse was random and lame.

I like the end a helluva lot – shit’s dope.

3.  Ni**as in Paris – (before it comes on, I’ll say I’m expecting this to be good) …ok. When the beat started, I liked it…Jay comes in and this is my first favorite song. BEAT GOES HARD. The brag·ga·do·cio is so fitting…..”that shit cray” lmao — yeah, I’m not gon even begin to break down their verses…..they both murdered it. And — this drop at the end…..with this choral undertone!!! They not playing.

4. Otis – this track is dope, was a good single. I find myself gettin real caught up in the Redding sample. I don’t feel like assessing this.

5. Gotta Have It – Ye come in hard, I think this song really shows the contrast in their voices and flows. The Curtis sample on the hook is dope…..this track is swagged all the way out.  Jay’s most impressive delivery so far. I think the songs work better when they go back and forth within a verse.

6. New Day – This is a much-needed chill song right in the middle. Makes sense. Sincerity in Ye’s verse is evident. Jay too. Song is cool …trying to figure is this a sample hook – it creates a nice nostalgic feel on the track, which is almost perfect. Guitar riffs at the end bring the song to completion. Oh I hear it’s a sample of someone singing “Feeling Good”…okay.

7. That’s My Bitch – The beat …this song…is the shit. Hahahaa…I don’t even wanna say no more. I’m just shaking my head. My favorite song by far.

This album is moving swiftly.

8.  Welcome to the Jungle – I guess no album can go without a Swizz Beatz hook these days. Umm…yeah. I don’t think this is the right beat for this concept….I’m not in the mood for depth to this track, so I’m not sure it’s believable. I appreciate the MJ shoutout, though. “I look in the mirror…my only opponent”. I like the outro, once again.

9. Who Gon Stop Me – This song won me over at the very first start of it. Third favorite song. You can tell Ye had the power on the creation of this album. This is one of the noteworthy tracks that makes it feel way more like a Kanye album than a Jigga album. Haha, I said “Jigga”. (Jay went hard…….then Ye’s pig latin went hard right after…lol) — whheeeeewww this dubstep track is nice as hell!! Respect to the bars they spitting on here, Jay actually stood out.

10. Murder to Excellence – Ok, I suspect I spoke too soon. This track definitely has a Jigga feel, lol I said Jigga again. Kanye actually sounds good singing this time (or “tone-ing”)….if I hear “BLACK” or “Watch the throne” one more time, though….c’mon son. Concept is cold. Yeah, this song is just good…it might go up on the list but for now, this is definitely my Fourth favorite song. 

11. Made in America – Frank sounds good singing on this…sound a little like Stevie or Teddy or Mos….I didn’t know who it was initially. They are wise for letting him start the songs he’s featured on. This is the song Beyonce should have sang lol. “I guess I’m gettin’ high off my own supply..” hah….Top5. Both verses were impressive and went somewhere…..nice stories (mini applause). Outro was niiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeee.

12. Why I Love You – As soon as this dropped, I was sold. Mr. Hudson gives this an engaging and almost magnetic feel….Jay-Z definitely comes in with a dope verse — this whole verse is quotable. And same thing with his second verse…..and the transition to Kanye was dope. Their voices (pause) really compliment each others’. Pause. Interesting that Jay pretty much did the whole track….nice, solid ending.


I like the album. I give it an 8/10.



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