Business as usual…

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Aside from being an artist, I am also a business professional. It is hard to separate the lives but it is a must. I have been placed in may difficult situations where I had to decide to act as the businessman or the artist.

Recently, I have been faced with a lot of decisions in that regard. It is unfortunate to watch those you have invested in and helped to grow and succeed turn on you. I have witnessed people I work closely with be stabbed in the back, belittled even, or, to be more colloquial: treated.

I’d hate to be the person to give my all into something and then have it take me for all its worth. I am a true believer in karma, though. I know that if a person puts evil into the world (that’s generally speaking), it certainly will find its way back to them. It sucks though, ya know…..because there are people out here with good intentions — whose utmost joy is in helping to better those around them. And, you never really know if someone is just using you flat out, or if they are just being pulled in by the wrong voices.

We all have CHOICES though. I could NEVER be the person to have any person(s) do something for me and act unappreciative and dismissive of their efforts… even “thanks” goes a long way…..

…but sometimes you can see it in someone’s eyes.

I’ve got to separate myself from evil.



p.s. I love my team.


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