Posted: July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s really easy to remain positive. I have truly grown into a far more positive individual and all it took was a focus and a thought.

I believe that to be why I have continued to be blessed. I have been presented with ample opportunities of which I am taking advantage. I would share them, but I don’t wanna jinx myself! Let’s just say, though, I have something really MAJOR in the works set to kick off this WEEKEND (not sure when it will be public though.)

Also, this weekend is actually kinda a big deal: I’ll be headed into the studio with my team to mix and put the finishing touches on Fanatic…. I am excited for this last session because this project has been over a year in the works (as a whole). I don’t even wanna go to far in it, because I am saving most of the stuff I have to say for the release.

But — yeah tomorrow I have my 3rd VO (voice-over) audition of the week, then at midnight I am headed to see Harry Potter….then a few hours later I’m up at Navy Pier for the Voice auditions….immediately following I will join my students on their Navy Pier field trip (how convenient) ….THEN later, I’ll be hitting the road to get to Wisconsin for the sessions this weekend as well as a show!!!

Can you feel the intensity??

We’re non-stop over here.

Mixtape coming soon!

Tracklist and online cover art for the upcoming mixtape.



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