Finally Famous? Part Deux.

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am currently listening to the album for the second time all the way through.

I believe this is the best FULL album I have heard since Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris.

It is solid – it has a solid feel. Big Sean retains his youthful, animated, cocky delivery in every song. Though it always makes me cringe when he gets off beat (due to what I have chalked up as “verbosity”), the songs are never ruined…

Songs like “Dance (A$$)” and “High” are instant favorites, and “Wait for Me” & “Get It” are almost instant classics (from Big Sean at least)…and then there’s room for songs like “Memories” (where he has his own reflective moment) …and then the very Drake-reminiscent, “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” can be easily related to by any dude who’s yeah well, just to any dude…

The features do not overshadow the artist….I can honestly say he held his own on the tracks with the likes of ‘Ye and Lupe (I don’t think it’s be too difficult when taking the other featured artists into consideration..I’ll be honest: We could have done without the Rick Ross feature. Seriously. That was some bandwagon shit, the swags don’t even match up and I am in no way shape or form in support of the Ross frenzy going on now.)

I won’t consider myself a fan, but I can definitely see myself bumping this album throughout the summer. Good balance of the commercial-y expected and the feel of the mixtapes (some industry cats could learn from that)….Congrats….I’m interested to see how the sales go.

I give the album an 8.5/10.


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