Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve always just wanted to be happy.

I’ve always been happy just seeing and helping to make those around me happy.

I am in the middle of yet another breakdown over the passing of a lady who has meant more to me than any woman (alongside her daughter, my grandma): my great-grandmother.

I don’t know why, but I still break go into complete meltdown mode whenever I see a picture or something similar….I really miss my grandmother. I am dedicated everything I do (as far as my pursuits) from this point out to her memory….she believed in me – I could always see it in her eyes…and I know that she would have been most proud to see me achieve my goals….

All of a sudden…it seems like my life is really kicking into gear and narrowing in on the paths I have set out on and I truly believe it’s because of my grandmother. I tend to overuse the word “fuel” (of all words, I know right?) …but I do believe that my grandmother and her memory is the fuel –this time lighting the way for me to see my desitnation clearly.

I love you grandma.

I miss you dearly.

I’m gonna make you so proud.

Rest in Peace…



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