Lonely Teardrops…

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Do you ever sometimes just get in a slump? Can’t quite put your finger on what the root is? Not quite sure what it’ll take to get out of it?

I have been in an odd-state for some time now (hence why I haven’t blogged in a minute) — not sure if it is just a carry-over from my grandmother passing or if it is simply something else…thing is, I feel alone… I think. That’s already something bad. The industry is one of the loneliest places due to travelling and the need to protect personal privacy…so, you can imagine how bad I feel about being in this state.

Last night I felt like a complete desperate creep because I continued (for well over an hour) to ask the people I was with if they wanted to go somewhere and kick it….almost a desperate plea….my question was disregarded in so many degrees and so many times but I still asked over and over and over (literally)…to no avail. I was trying to figure out why in the hell I needed so bad to kick it after leaving an intense, fun and tiresome rehearsal…?

It also may be that all of my closest friends are rejoicing in the fact that on Saturday, they will have officially completed their studies (which used to be “our studies”) at the University. No, I don’t regret my decision whatsoever, but I do feel left out of a lot of events, etc of which I definitely would have been apart. Such is life…..I can certainly say I feel a distance between me and those friends, not because of the paths but just because I can’t be there for every moment. :/ I will say this, though, I am more proud of them than anything. I love all my friends and am already wishing them the best on everything – Saturday will be a mixture of emotions, but it will definitely be one of the happiest days for me as far as my friends are concerned!

Meanwhile, I miss both of my best friends who have been MIA for a long minute!!! If you’re reading this, hit me up…lol, I know it’s hard to fit little ol’ me in the schedule.


  1. King Xavier says:

    Lil Bro I know how you feel….I went through these same stages when Uncle Dell passed away as well as Granny….. I also saw all my friends move on to careers and it kinda hurt me but I eventually learned that I made my decisions and I had to live with them….as it turns out my decisions were not as bad as I thought cause everything and everybody has a different agenda in life…IT WILL GET BETTER AS YOU PROGRESS THROUGH LIFE AS WELL AS THROUGH YOUR MUSIC CAREER!!!! LOVE YOU LIL BRO

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