Home is where the ____ is…

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized


I was all excited about going back to U of I to perform…that was UNTIL it got down to like 15 minutes before my set. U of I is a TOUGH crowd….now as familiar as I am with the people there and vice versa, it just never fails to be a “weird” experience performing there…this time, though, it was a bit more troubling given that I was performing all original material (let’s leave out the fact that I did the Trey Songz joint AGAIN due to technical difficulties lol)

A special thanks goes out to BeeKay who definitely helped a brother out – Mike couldn’t make it down so I had to shift my set kinda, and I asked him if he’d jump on and spit for me and he did it and it was well-received….After that, I think the audience was really weird and I kept asking why were they so awkward, but no one answered lol…..I felt like I was looking at a mural of an audience because it was like no one ever moved or anything…it was pitiful.

Thing is..and this ALWAYS seems to happen after a performance….everyone was like “oh I loved it!” “what was that song?” “where can I download it” “you got off” “people were screaming” all types of stuff and I’m just like blank stare. I suppose this is what performing will be like for a minute – NOT.

Sad to say U of I – my former home – thus far has been my least favorite crowd to perform for….I ain’t gon flex, I’m not gon’ front *Wiz voice*…..I was definitely hoping for better…but….what are hopes…..?



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