Where there’s a way…I will….

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

My eyes opened to the sound of a vibrating phone. I quickly realized it was 1-something in the afternoon…obviously it was a rough weekend, lol. I had several missed calls and unread texts, but the first one that I read was from my pops –> He told me I had an audition today and was trying to see if I was going because my agent couldn’t get in touch with me…

I quickly checked my email to find it was a nice little opportunity – except – this time, it was for PRINT. Now, those that know me well know that no matter how “photogenic” people may say I am …I HATE abhor posing for pictures lol, so you can imagine my chagrin when I read that this was the task…BUT…..I figured I would do it anyway. It just so happened that there were two segments a 10-1 and a 2-430 one…so I woke up JUST IN TIME to head to the thing!

I get there..it’s pretty chill as usual at these types of things, but my random nerves kicked in like “How the hell am I about to model? I don’t know how to pose…how many poses do I do…what the hell is finna (yes, I think in ebonics) happen in that room” ..I see the constant flash and hear the shutter as others go in and out. Thing was, they seemed to be in the room for quite some time.

“Uh-RAH-mee!” << Obviously a mispronunciation of my name is called so I jump up and correct her…say it with me …AIR-ruh-mee lol just kidding it’s expected (I did correct her tho)….I went in to meet Kate, the photographer, she was cool so we had a good time — seemed like every thing I did she was saying “perfect” so I got a little more comfortable like maybe this isn’t so bad at all…maybe I can pull it off haha…..After what seemed like literally 2 minutes (no more) — she said “alright! that’s it!” I’m like forreal??! ….I said “wow..that was my first time doing this, so I don’t know..” and she just said “Really?? Well you did really good..like, really good (as she looks at the camera)…So I walked out with a bit more confidence.

Now- here’s the thing. I told the agency I wasn’t interested in modeling and yet I still got put down for this stuff…perhaps it was and is a blessing in disguise to open up my eyes and let me see that any WAY is A WAY though not necessarily THE way (see how I switched the emphasis)…After talking with my pops he told me that that’s the best way to do it…try it all..do it all…that’s how he got on the S-Curl box (lol!!! random fact) …So – I’m gonna be at model stuff, actor stuff, singer stuff, and maybe even some dance stuff haha who knows.

All to make it to one spot…………………………………….the top.

This could be me ....lol!



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