Elicit Inhibitions

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

That is the title of the debut EP from Get Phresh artist, Melanie Richelle! I am really excited for her EP to drop and it’s not only because it is gonna be dope — but because I was able to contribute to the project.

For those of you who don’t know, I dabble in writing for other artists besides myself and Melanie Richelle happens to be one of them. Yesterday was our LAST recording session for the EP so  it was a crunch of knocking out all the rest of the material, but we definitely got it done…(after knocking on ten hours!!!) Anyhow, there’s a particular song on the EP that I wrote and Melanie let me know it’s her favorite so I’m satisfied, but beyond that – we finished recording it yesterday and I was really amazed at the finished project. It was exactly what I envisioned when I wrote the song…there was a certain feeling I had in the studio yesterday and  it was that of creating something greater than myself…allowing others to shine…yes, I am eager to share my gifts with the world but I have the gift of bringing out the inner firework (Katy Perry shouts) in those around me…

I’m excited to have seen the growth of this young lady. And it has been a pleasure working with her AS WELL as my partner-in-crime, the CEO herself, Naja on this project. Add monster-producer, Gift, in and it’s truly a wrap for the R&B scene right now!!!! As you can tell, I’m super geeked up. lol…..I have been waiting to blog about this since last night and I’m kinda in this random crunch right now so I’m typing something really fast just to update you guys and I’ll probably do a part two to this one…

But, the title of the EP is exactly what I’m experiencing >> bringing out the things that have been holding me back and getting rid of them completely and becoming the great man that I have the potential to be…..this journey is jsut beginning, but it’s not a walk…it’s a trot…….try to keep up when I start sprinting….

Love you all.

Check out Melanie Richelle's reverbnation page. Click Here to listen to her single and become a fan!!



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