Searching for a new start + New Links

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

You ever had a moment where you ACTUALLY said “How do I go on? How CAN I go on?” >> I think I’m finally having that moment. You guys have witnessed me trying to jump right back into the swing of things after the untimely passing of my great-grandmother and my aunt..And, although I know neither would want me to stop, the heart that used to be so passionate on a daily about my progress, is now stuck in this tumult – the pain of great loss.

I know at first I was like I gotta keep going off the fact that that makes more sense…but, it’s difficult to not let this loss affect me as it should. Though I am happy my grandma is no longer suffering and she lived 92 great years on this Earth….I still can’t help but feel her absence. And that’s okay. Most would suggest “write a song about it” or something like that, but, I just want to allow it to take it’s toll on me and then cope and then move forward…

Sounds kinda corny, but I know Team Aramie has my back and they know as soon as I’m ready that I will be hitting them hard as usual! So, with that being said, I am pushing back the release of my mixtape. Not far, but just far enough for me to get back in the zone of things….I don’t, by any means, want to put out something that isn’t worthwhile..and, with these being the last week and a half of production, I don’t want to rush it — because you better believe me & my team had some days off due to last week’s news….to be exact, it’s been 9 days off (on a full-scale level).

So just know that I’m not gonna sacrifice the quality of my work under any circumstance. A date will be announced shortly.

Til then, click the link below and continue to get familiar with *in my singing voice* Wherever you gooooo….gooo



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