Perfect Peace.

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am back.

Have yall missed me???? Probably not….*yells*….well, these past three days have been tremendous and I’ll tell you this, it was filled with love, appreciation, fun, joy, kindness, faith, positivity, etc.

Today was the Homegoing services for my dear baby… great-grandmother…the greatest woman I’ve known….Mrs. Marie Wilson…The service was perfect – especially when my dad and cousin did their musical selections…I’m talking absolutely astounding voices and delivery – even under these circumstances. I thank God for the love he showed me through my grandmother and all of the lessons I learned from her — I have been and will continue to apply them directly to my life and it will make me better, and, in turn, the world around me better.

I can’t really put into too many words how I feel at this very moment, but there is one of the greatest, most simple pieces of advice I can give to you…it is something my grandma would utter every single time I saw her repeatedly to the point where, like, I would be finishing it for her….amen? amen… it is. Trust me it will make your life so much better and you will progress….

In the words of my dearest grandmother, may she rest in peace:

You make one step, God gon’ make two!!!

Love you forever and always.



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