No 2nd chances…

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m tired of giving people second chances.

As I sit here and rehearse for my TWO shows tonite…I ask myself why do I even worry about individuals who lack any personal progression. Constantly stagnated and they can’t seem to find a reason why….well, perhaps, the reason may be you’re stuck on what’s going on with everyone around you –> If you allow that to consume you, you are nothing but a mere compilation of the desires and achievements of your peers. What does that equate to?? *crickets*

I am seriously at a point in my life where I don’t need anything but positive energy. I was informed yesterday that someone who was supposed to be a member of my very own team has been degrading me to others…now what the hell type of fool do I look like to continue having that person working with me and in the event that I get on..they’re gonna be the FIRST person running to mediatakeout with an “inside scoop”!! LOL SMH. My advice to anyone who reads my blog is if you see continuous signs of a person not being “for you” and they constantly mask it by “doing stuff” and “saying stuff”…be weary, and rid yourself of them before it’s too late…follow your own intuition and you don’t always have to be nice about it.

*begins singing the” out of the box” theme song* ♪♪ So long….farewell…to you my friend….goodbye, for now….until we meet again♪♪


  1. Pagan McClure says:

    Yessss!! Library card has been swiped! Lol! Serve!

  2. Pagan McClure says:

    Yessss!! Library card has been swiped! Lol! Serve!

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