Posted: April 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I love to perform. It is my favorite thing on the Earth (well….we’ll just let that be what it is on this blog, at least)

Today I got a call from my sister, saying they just booked me for a showcase at Adrianna’s on Wednesday, but I also have a show that night already…I’m gonna do both. I am used to performing 3 or 4 times at the same show on multiple occasions…but, this time, things are a little different…I’ll be performing on the furthest north end of the city early that night and then gotta fly all the way to the south suburbs for another show….Now, I can already tell the performances will be completely different in every way but I’m already really geeked up about it!

Me and Mike are always gonna give the audience a good show (even though he left me hanging on Sunday’s show and I had to give the DJ a damn CD (not my style))….but this is gonna be a crackin day. So, I decided to make this week crack –> tomorrow Imma hit the Victor Hotel (after we go check out the venue for the latest Team Aramie venture)…then Tuesday, gonna hit the Mixtape Tuesday….then Wednesday gonna hit the two performances…rest up Thursday (maybe get some studio in for sure)…then head outta town to enjoy StepDown 2011 at U of I!!


It was an intense weekend…just ready to work, work, work… *finishes working on Melanie Richelle’s project* …GETPHRESH!




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