Stress. [Parental Discretion Advised]

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I don’t like to be stressed out. Boy, I tell you.

I am so glad to have reignited the passion I have always possessed…a love…..a yearning… do music and share it with the world. Often, I allow my desire to aid and assist all those around me with their daily tasks, which prohibits me from living MY life…..pursuing my dreams and …committing to the JOURNEY.

Today. April 8th, 2011, I hereby declare, no ONE and I mean nooooooooo ooooooooooooooo-huh-uh-uuuuuuhhhhhhhn *ALicia Keys voice* will get in the way of what I’m feeling. LOL! No, but seriously, I am making today GET THE FUCK OUT MY FACE DAY and I AIN’T HELPING YOU WITH SHIT DAY. And then, following today, I am taking on a “And how does this help me in the long-run?” policy…so don’t approach me asking me to help you with anything if it won’t make me famous.

If you feel like this is directed to you. It is. To everyone I have ever helped with not an ounce of reciprocation in the future!!! I give all I can to mahgs and then everyone leaves me out to dry. But, not anymore!!!!! Now, I will be giving out the “I’m busy” every time anyone asks me for any help – unless, what?  It’s gonna help me in the long-run.

SO, before you come dialing my number, texting me, emailing me, tweeting me, oooooohhh and the ever-so-evil facebook messaging me asking me to help you with this or that BOMB ASS idea you got…..ask yourself…..”is this gonna help Aramie in the long-run?” If the answer isn’t a definite YES (and even if it is) I ask that you….as the old song says….shoo fly…and don’t bother me!!


Yours truly,

Aramiah Bocefus McGillicutty Payton III


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