It Feels Good! *Tony! Toni! Tone! voice*

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK. I used to feel bad when I was in this situation, but now I feel pretty good about this stuff! What am I taumbout? When people ask me for my music….now that I got my blog up and running people can stop worrying and listen to “Wherever U GO” on here and reverbnation. Also, as far as up and coming songs that I may have let people hear when I first recorded them…they’ll be able to listen to real soon! Not to mention, some of the songs that I might throw into a performance just to see how people are feeling about them…..they love em and ask about em!! SO lehgooooooooooooo…

I’ll be back in the studio next week to put the finishing touches on project #1…so that’s something to definitely look forward to! Just did a dope ass interlude for a particular song that I think/hope everyone is gonna love! It’s just an overall good feeling to get a lot of positive feedback and to have people excited all around me!


Love yall for that.



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