“Aramih” #fail

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I first got to college….alot of the upperclassmen started to utter a phrase that got to be familiar too quickly for my liking. I actually found it quite disconcerting after a while. They would say “You remind me of Jeremy” ….I never knew who the hell Jeremy was but I found it coincidental that everyone thought Aramie (air-uh-mee) reminded them of Jeremy (jair-uh-mee)….hmmm…

Once February of my freshman year of college got around, we were deep in the rehearsal phase for Cotton Club – the biggest talent showcase of the year down at U of I….That year, the theme kind of was about stars of the past paired with their current most-similar celebrity counterpart. (Quite ironic looking back). Coincidentally, the “Jeremy” that everyone had been talking about was going to come down and do the show, as well. AND – it just so happened that we were portraying each others’ counterparts, however our roles were switched. I was 90s Usher and he was 2000s Chris Brown.

He came down and I was finally able to see who “Jeremy” was…at that time, he was “budding” musician Jeremih…so, as you can imagine I was not flattered that I was simply being compared to someone else – in my eyes it was nothing more nothing less and we were certainly on equal footing.

Shortly thereafter the hoe just blew up lol (And I use the term “hoe” loosely of course) — all of a sudden Birthday Sex was the biggest hit everywhere…and so the familiar “You remind me of Jeremy” became…”You’re the next Jeremih” O_o …..and THAT quickly got shortened to “Aramih” by my joking alumni friends – who were actually cool & relative friends with Jeremy/Jeremih.

Now that I am performing all around, though, the whole “Aramih” thing is getting somewhat out of hand. I have watched three videos of performances I’ve done where someone has loudly yelled “ARAMIH!!” whilst I performed…what’s up with that?! It is hard enough trying to start out and make a name for oneself without being compared to others in the industry (you don’t know how much I hear Chris Brown and Sammie and wanna choke someone) — but when your friends are doing it, knowing what you’re facing….I don’t know how to feel about it. Initially, I’d just laugh it off because I know they mean no harm, but I mean….shiiiit…….Can I be me?? I mean, I know the names are close and all, career paths similar as well..but…….my name is Aramie.


The "Usher" performance...Cotton Club 2008 (wow, throwback)



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