“Don’t forget about ME”

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the most popular statements that people are starting to say to me are things like “don’t forget about the little people when u get on”, “sign this for me, so I can say I knew you before”, “don’t be acting brand new”, “I bet we not gon even be friends anymore”, etc…..Yall don’t even know how irritating that is.

For starters, I am not that person at all. So even if I were to continue progressing, I wouldn’t treat anyone any type of way (that I wasn’t already treating them)..Funny thing is, everyday, I am constantly reminded of how people treat me. People who claim to be my friends or how close we are, etc often push me to the side. I’ll be honest, leaving U of I changed my life for the good and bad…the hardest part is knowing that some of my “friends” are all together and have forgotten about me. AND, on top of that, I hit people up and it’s just like *blank stare*….

So, I am trying to stop throwing around the word “friend”, period. That way, there is truly no confusion about who I was f*cking with before anything. [Just got a little mad]. I reserve the right to vent…all I ever try to do is help those I’m cool w/ to whatever to degree I can (or feel is necessary)…but when it comes down to reciprocity…only some (and I can seriously name them) are down for the cause. But, that’s why I’m getting really into just focusing on me, because no matter how much you help others and support others, (and maybe it’s just in my case), they don’t seem to do the same for you -especially when it matters.

Just another thing I’ve learned and am dealing with on my personal journey.

Mahgs be so predictable.



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