Who mad?

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized


I was really busy this weekend and pretty much away from the computer — was blogging from iphone, but I missed out on APRIL 3rd (which is now officially “yesterday”) –> BUT I’m back up in this B-I …

Update: Had 3 shows this weekend…..eh…the first two were “ok” at most [[both were of the song “Go Down” ….my mic wasn’t on in the first one & I was limited as far as my performance in various ways && for the second one I didn’t even get to do my own song as was rehearsed/planned because of “time”, I’ll chalk all of it up to some BS…but, they weren’t MY shows technically so baow]] …but the one today was DOPE AS SHIT!!! I got interviewed for an online show about the new faces — the host told me he stopped mid-interviewing someone else to go see who the audience was roaring for…and it was me. lol

Met and networked with a lot of people this weekend overall so that’s always the good thing and I definitely put a lot more of people on to who I was …and I had on my red hat (ayyyyyyyyyyyeee) *refer back to first blogs*.

If you haven’t seen an Aramie show, you are really missing out…I really got it in! Hopefully there’ll be a video up on here soon enough….I was also in the studio this weekend, also….just keeping busy!!!

Got questions or something or wanna know more? Comment and shit, let’s make this a convo




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