Studio…nothin else..

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Uncategorized



I almost didn’t blog today shame on me….I’ve been “in the studio” all day.


That’s good news, so look out….first set of music is almost complete set to release at the end of this month…..get ready….me & mike & dee (my cuzzo) are in the lab right now, with a drink in our hand gettin ready to record some more and print up a few things for the shows tomorrow! It’s all about teh network…I’ve been back and forth between two studios today…and I’m pretty chill right now!


Just tryna accomplish shit in good timing!!!!! Lehgooooo Team Aramie!!!!! << that was lame as hell, but Imma keep it in here cuz that was the first thing I put on here!


[[[aww I ain’t got no picture to put on here so yall just gon have to suck it up!!!!! I’m outchea]]]





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