On the Road

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yoooooooo what y’all on?! Got an early start today, been up since 7 getting prepared for the shows today. We are currently on the road to Milwaukee (me. dee, mike, LUV & his manager) … I’m kinda try a be in my zone that I always go in before shows but it’s difficult today cuz maybe blasting random ass 50 cent! Also I’m kinda irritated because a lit of stuff I was supposed to accomplish, I didn’t… But I must make the best of this situation!
I’m ready to pass out these CDs and let my eyes hook one of these female A&Rs tho lol but I’m dead ass.

And just found out I get to do a solo jawn at the concert tonight (show 2) so I’m thinkin ima do Take It Off (panty-dropping is the easiest way to get a fan, tryna tell y’all) — but iono.

We should be getting to our destination soon…were sposed to be there at this very minute,but hey…we’ll be there. (and I’m like Ye say “…so Imma be at least about a hour late”) hahaha…

I’ll keep y’all updated….just know it’s about to GO DOWN!!! Ayyyee



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