Say GO DJ…cuh dat my DJ (lol)

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I should have introduced yall by now, but I have delayed for whatever reasons….but now (along w/ him introducing himself on the Listen page) I’m gonna introduce yall to my official DJ (no…this isn’t new or anything…but you know it’s just another blog) –> DJ FREAKY MIKE ( and

Me and Mike go back to like 4 or 5 years old literally….that’s the most history I’ll give you on here — well, ok — we fell off for a few years (not completely, but just weren’t as close as we were through childhood) but we came full-circle and happened to be travelling similar paths…so what better way to reunite than to combine forces.

Mike is a dope as dj, producer and rapper (and he might hit you with a few vocals if you’re lucky…)…and he’s just like me in the sense where he’s his true self all the time no matter what…and you’ll love it. That’s y it was no question whether or not I wanted him to jump on board Team Aramie…and we’ve been rockin’ stages for some months now and it won’t stop, cuz it can’t stop hahaha

You might WILL DEFINITELY see him around so just get familiar.. This is Mike.



p.s. He need to step his twitter game up so follow my boy on twitter: @djfreakymike …baow


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