Try to Keep Up!

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was gonna go bowling, but I just left an awesome and somewhat tiresome session with Cortni… I’ve decided to stay in for the night! ((Even though my gat damn coupon expires today!!!) FML…Anyway, I also missed the return of Taco Tuesday (a tradition held but had been halted due to weeks of week-long rehearsals) –>> but it was all worth it because I definitely smashed some Chipotle — which forced a 3:00 session to begin at almost 5. SMH …for the love of CHIPOTLE!!

Anyway…today we laid down some pretty dope stuff…so, at this point…I’m just ready to take over the world. I’m never gonna go into details with titles or things of that nature because any given Sunday Mr/Ms Retweetseverythingyousaylikeitwastheirownidea could easily become Mr/Ms Gettingricherthanthatthangofyouridealikeitwastheirownidea!!! Back up. lol.

It won’t stop here though…I can’t even stress to you how much I’m just getting started! What’s next? You’ll have to wait and see I guess.





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