Business as usual…

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

There’s a lot of stuff to do within the next two days and so little time to do it. I often find myself in this situation, not because I procrastinate, but because I always always ALWAYS over-stretch myself. Don’t get me wrong, I can do it all, I feel like sometimes I’m Superman, but …I rarely get a break!

I was awake til 5 am, doing work: building new reverbnation account (that the team definitely coulda taken care of for me..smh), working on a new logo for my newest business venture, revamping, yet again, my business card and pubbing!! I can’t complain though, I love working hard because hard work pays off.

Just got off three business calls literally back-to-back and I’ve only been UP up (yeah, I said it twice on purpose) for under two hours..! I love it all. Anyway, the calls snatched away some pretty valuable time (as I quickly rush to do this blog so that I may get to work)…because….you see….here’s my to-do list:

  1. Get camera
  2. Get outfits for shows
  3. Get haircut
  4. Rehearse for shows
  5. Go to other Rehearsal
  6. Get and upload intro
  7. Submit order
  8. Send out a few important emails
  9. Finalize logo
  10. Blog (gotta keep yall updated, lol)
  11. Write and compose a song for recording Friday
  12. Prepare ALL of Friday’s music for recording session
  13. 2 more business calls
  14. Finalize travel plans for entire weekend
  15. Finalize travel plans for next week
  16. …and do some more private stuff

…I can bet you weren’t expecting a list like that one. I definitely don’t believe that’s everything, but I was irritating myself thinking of it all because this blog is taking longer than I expected!!! Gotta get on it, so iah hollaaaaaaaaa!






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