What Do I Do?

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized


Here’s the thing: My outreach coordinator, is requesting that I submit my music to a few (very-popular) online blogs…..idk tho…I’m scared lol…a few reasons why I’m kinda apprehensive are: a personal dissatisfaction with the song (which will probably never wane, given the fact that it’s from MY brain), I don’t want to be marginalized, I may or may not release a new version (and then they’ll be stuck with the old one)…and actually I could list a helluvalotta more reasons. lol

So – I’m giving myself a deadline of tonight to decide whether or not I’m gonna open myself up in that way……I mean, that’s why I do it, right? So people can hear it? (and potentially judge it) Nah… I can’t say I too much care! I do this because I love it and the opinions of others seldom reverse my opinion!

–I’ll let yall know what I decide….til then…..go listen to the TWO songs over there!! Thanks… 2moro, I’m posting “Take it Off”…aye!


BTW- Shoutout to the new E-board for Team Aramie…they are already WINNING. lol


  1. Ashleigh says:

    I feel as though you should as well. You’re always your worst critic and even when you make exceptional music, you find something that you want to change! Submitting your music will, at the very least, allow your name to be seen and your song(s) to be heard. You don’t want you or your music to be susceptible to marginalization and that’s completely understandable but I think exposure wouldn’t be a bad thing!!! “Live life off the wall”, right? Lol

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