♪ ♫ Loving everything you say….♪

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

…those are lyrics from “Wherever U Go”.

I have gained a new since of excitement since I posted to song. All of the feedback has been relatively positive….I hope everyone is sharing the link with others as well as staying tuned in to the next song on there, which is “Go Down” (it comes on automatically..so…yea…)

I’ll give you a slight background on the song…just because this is MY blog and that’s the most relevant thing right now on it. I wrote the song a little over a year ago…when I first began working on Fanatic. At the time, I was in a pretty solid relationship (or so I thought)…either way – the girl with whom I was in the relationship with inspired me musically in so many ways….I probably shouldn’t have, but I wrote a song about damn near everything we went through! I think it’s kinda funny to look back on, though, because you can sort of browse the entirety of our relationship through most of my unreleased music…

I try to make my songs and lyrics as honest and relatable as possible…they are real…So the lyrics to this song were genuine thoughts that I had about that girl…….The good thing about it is, I don’t think she ever heard this song…but now the cat’s out of the bag..I used to wanna be wherever she went…now I wanna be as far away from her as possible….or I might just be saying that for dramatic literary effect. lol.


If you haven’t already, be sure to head over to “Listen” and hear the song(s)! & tell me what you think!!

So………”this is dedicated to” *Letoya Luckett voice* (haha) …..to her………………………….

Had to add a soft ass picture to go with this...but it's only for effect (which I'm prolly ruining by posting this caption). Oh well. lol






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