On the Radio *Selena voice*

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Uncategorized


Yesterday Selena was on (hence the title of this post)…but that’s it with the Selena-talk.

As I rode to the crib today, a good friend of mine hooked his cell phone into the speakers and browsed a few songs….I heard a familiar sample come through the speakers –> it was clear what song he had turned to after a few seconds. It was MY song….

I didn’t ask him to play a song of mine, actually, you’ll find I’m quite shy. But, I’ll admit it felt kind of good to see him vibe to the song (jokingly or not)…I almost felt like the song was on the radio. Not to mention, I ALMOST sang along with it…but I found myself going back to the artist I am and critiquing every moment.

Even with that, though, I hope to hear ♪ ♫Kick back, relax and get tipsy…hands up & rock if you feel me…♪ ♫ through another radio soon!



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