The Man in the Mirror…..

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Initially, I wasn’t gonna blog about it – but after speaking to a friend, I decided I should…

Trying to break into an industry that is primarily based on image, “look” is important..Now, I ain’t gon flex, I’m not gon front *Wiz voice*, I consider myself a nice-looking young man…with MJ eyes** (remember this word/phrase?) and so I don’t find myself too worried about industry and lacking a certain appeal.

Last night, though, I had a dream. In this dream, something happened to me where I ended up having to get my entire face and head restitched back together…I was pretty much popped for good. In the dream, I was so pissed and all I kept saying were things that basically (looking back) would seem like I thought my “looks” or however you want to put it were all I had. Not a personality, not talent, not skill, not raw emotion..but a face…funny, huh?

But, i think the dream served as a wake-up call to me…to let go of vanity and self-absorbedness because looks aren’t forever. One thing can happen and your appearance is changed forever. That’s why I rock with the King of Pop ( literally the video for Thriller comes on MTV Jams as I type – I love my life!) – his overall appearance shifted repeatedly but he remained the same individual and everyone still (even though often ridiculing) loved and listened to and supported him!!

I say this all to say, don’t get so caught up in appearances be a genuine YOU.

–just interesting, I thought.


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