Chris Brown is “F.A.M.E.”……..

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the most interesting subjects in media right now is the infamous, Chris Brown. If you’re gonna frequent this blog please let me make it clear that: I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT CHRIS BROWN IS THE ‘NEXT’ MICHAEL JACKSON.

Ok, now that I have that out of my system….I want to discuss a few things. One thing is Chris Brown’s new album. Here’s how I feel really quickly: there are some niiiice songs on there (especially production-wise)…those songs are Up to You and Wet the Bed…pretty much. I actually think some of the Deluxe songs go wayyy harder. As far as I’m concerned “Deuces” and “No BS” are old as hell now….they were on a mixtape over a year they should NOT have been on the album. The album doesn’t have a solid feel either – one moment we’re on this international pop feel, then we’re on this raunchy R&B, back to this radio-ready fusion, I’m starting to lose sight of who Chris Brown actually is, musically…….this is unlike his last album, Graffiti, which I believe found a solid balance and a perfect sound….I give the album a 6/10.

On another note..everyone should read Kevin Powell’s “Open Letter to Chris Brown” is very insightful and enlightening. Here’s a link:

The cover of the new album...Here's the thing: I don't see how this cover relates to or compliments the album title? Help?

Lastly, I hope that CB & Rihanna tour idea…which I think is complete BS so far…is forreal! I always tweet about how dope I think that would be and I’m dead serious. I don’t know what type of people would come…probably angry ones ready to send it up…but at least we KNOW it will sell – isn’t that what concerts are all about to begin with?



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