*insert awkward facial expression*

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Blog World:

Today is a pretty big day!!! I’m back in the blog world…this time, with a whole new agenda. I’m here to share my everyday experiences with all of those who are willing to listen… but it’ll solely be in regards to my pursuit of my “dreams”…

Now…..I am well aware that you shouldn’t tell people your dreams because yada yada yada….but, I am also aware that people aren’t gonna listen to you if they don’t know your PURPOSE. Right? Well…wrong or right, I’m gonna pretend an audience-full answered in the affirmative. So……

Get ready to find out what I do every damn day on my quest to make ((what was once but a mere thought)) my reality. I’ll be uploading videos, photos, and talking a WHOLE lot…so just get ready and subscribe por favor (yes, some blogs will be in Spanish lol)…READY yet….get set…………..it’s ALL THAT *explosion*




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